5 Tips For A Sparkling Conversation
Masterful Communications by
Veronica Armstrong
BC Toastmaster of the year 2013
and advocate for authentic communication.
Perfect the art of sparkling conversation with our free two-hour communications mastery workshop. Speak with confidence, foster connections and aspire to a higher station in life.
Five Steps to Effective Communication
Veronica will train you to use the power of caring communication to your advantage, to make authentic connections and create sparkling conversations.
Take a sneak peek into Veronica’s free workshop full of fun exercises.
She’ll walk with you through: five steps to effective communication:
  • Listen to your core
  • Find your voice
  • Find your power
  • Find your personality
  • Make a great first impression
Communications Coach and Lawyer
Veronica offers a free two-hour Masterful Communications — Sparkling Conversation workshop.
Veronica was BC Toastmaster of the year 2013 and award winning Effective Communications coach to large corporations and government agencies. People highly value her experience in public speaking and mentoring for organizations like SFU, IAAP, Dress for Success and BC Toastmasters.
  • Are you ready to make a great first impression?
  • Speak with confidence and passion on that job interview?
  • Become that enthralled good listener and fun date?
You yearn to speak with confidence, and yet find yourself in awkward conversation moments, often breaking into a sweat. You are not alone—all of today’s great speakers will admit to those brain-freeze moments in the past.

And then they worked on it!
Effective public speaking and interpersonal communications are an acquired skill.
Shine bright in your social circles as well as professionally. Perfect that elevator pitch. Learn to persuade in sales and negotiations. Network like a pro. And shine bright in all conversations.

Just by deciding to participate in a Communications Mastery workshop, you’ve already taken the first step to a winning life. Professionally and personally. With authentic communication, you will break down barriers and create meaningful connections and fulfilling relationships.
What Do Veronica’s Students Say?
Here's what others have to say about Veronica:
“Veronica is an excellent presenter. I loved her personal stories to emphasize her points. Learned some useful things like vulnerability, authenticity, connection. I loved the use of stories and exercises to demonstrate the points being made.”
– Anon
”The codification of some of my past and present research into the self improvement and communications with others has been very valuable and it has clarified my thinking. This was a new and original way to look at the self and our relationship with others. Thank you!”
– Jonathan Stone
“She has a lot of compassion and knowledge on the topic of communication and the art of public speaking. I learned a lot.”
– Jan Tse
”Veronica is a very gifted voice coach and her tailored approach has helped me find more connection and resonance with my voice.  I found her methods very illuminating. ”
– Karen Chan
“Good mix of information and exercises. Well put together presentation. Great to be able to do this with my husband so we can communicate with each other from the same experience and keep it alive in our lives.”
– Helen Byer
”The workshop was excellent. I really enjoyed going through the Seven Graces (for authentic dialogue). Best line of the workshop was during the Discovery—We are never going to be perfect in this life.”
– Mike Wong
You will be in good company because Veronica’s workshops always draw a full house. Bring a friend and book your seat ASAP to avoid disappointment.
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